Programme 2016

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Day 1 Saturday, February 6th 2016

09.00-13.00        Macular course

13.00-14.00         Lunch

14.00-17.00         Macular course (incl. uveitis)

17.00-17.30         Complex retina cases – interactive


Day 2 Sunday, February 7th 2016

09.00-13.00        Eyelid surgery course

13.00-14.00         Lunch

14.00-17.00          Eyelid surgery course

17.00-17.30         Intermezzo


Day 3 Monday, February 8th 2016

09.00-13.00        Glaucoom

13.00-14.00         Lunch

14.00-17.00         Cornea and Cataract

17.00-17.30          Ophthalmology in Suriname



The fourth Access to Ophthalmologic Advances (ATOA) meeting will take place in February (6th till  8th) 2016 in Paramaribo, Suriname. All sub-specialties will be covered, including a one-day macular disease and uveitis course, a perimetry course and a one-day hands-on oculoplastic surgery course. As in previous years,  a side “Intermezzo” programme will be presented that includes a session on Op Art and history of Suriname. Your visit will certainly be an opportunity to become acquainted with the rich socio-cultural history and beauty of Suriname. The unspoiled rainforests, covering an incredible eighty percent of the country, numberous lakes, rivers and the great biodiversity make Suriname an unique host country. We hope to welcome you next February at ATOA 2016.



The following international experts will contribute to ATOA 2016:



Intermezzo: History of Suriname, Cynthia McLeod

Intermezzo: Optical Art, Emanuel de Carvalho


Orbit and oculoplastics

Christine Eenhorst (The Netherlands)

Stijn Genders (The Netherlands)

Dionne Hartong (The Netherlands)

Rob de Keizer (The Netherlands)

Ronald de Keizer (The Netherlands)

Roel Kloos (The Netherlands)

Maarten Mourits (The Netherlands)

Peerooz Saeed (The Netherlands)

Anthony Tyers (United Kingdom)

Morgan Yang (Singapore)


Posterior segment

Emine Kilic (The Netherlands)

Maarten Kamermans (The Netherlands)

Marina Marinkovic (The Netherlands)

Annette Moll (The Netherlands)

Koen van Overdam (The Netherlands)

Jerrel Pawiroredjo (Suriname)

Aniki Rothova (The Netherlands)

Mary van Schooneveld (The Netherlands)

Werner Spileers (Belgium)

Adnan Tufail (United Kingdom)

Hans Vingerling (The Netherlands)

Marijke Wefers Bettink (The Netherlands)


Anterior segment and glaucoma

Annemarie Bueno de Mesquita (Suriname)

Ype Henry (The Netherlands)

Saskia Imhoff (The Netherlands)

Leo de Jong (The Netherlands)

Hans Lemij (The Netherlands)

Rene van Rijn (The Netherlands)

Marije Smina (The Netherlands)

Robert Jan Wijdh (The Netherlands)

Rachel Wolff (The Netherlands)



WAMA, Worldwide Access to Medical Advances




Hotel Torarica Conference Centre

Mr. L. J. Rietbergplein 1 Paramaribo, Suriname


Organizing committee

  1. M. Imhoff, Utrecht, The Netherlands
  2. T. Bueno de Mesquita-Voigt, Paramaribo, Suriname
  3. A.D.A. Paridaens, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  4. Saeed, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  5. Spileers, Leuven, Belgium
  6. R. Vingerling, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Registration and Payment

Participants are required to register at


Registration fee

Ophthalmologist: €400,- (after 1 January  2016: €480,-)

Residents: €150,- (after 1 January  2016: €200,-)



Official accreditation has been warranted.


How to get there

Participants are requested to take care of their own travel and accommodation needs.


Social program

On Saturday a welcome dinner party will be organized and on the last day, a farewell party will be given.


Pre and post conference tours can be arranged by your hotel or by a local tour operator. More information can be found at, and Situated near the equator, Suriname has a tropical climate with average temperatures between 23°C/73°F minimum and 30°C/86°F maximum in April